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Paragon Changes: Active Under Contract

Changing the Status — What Are the Steps?

Starting in mid June, members will be able to edit the status value within Paragon® from “Active” to “Active Under Contract” and back again. The listing REALTOR® can make this change independently if they have access to Agent Modify.

Before changing the status of a listing to “Active Under Contract”, members are encouraged to learn about their office’s policy for recording/documenting the client’s direction.

1) Discussion with Seller(s): Since this is a direction that comes from their clients, and the status is optional, the member must have a conversation with their client about using the “Active Under Contract” status.

Note: If a conditional offer collapses and there is no backup offer, then the listing should be changed back to “Active” to accurately reflect its status. These status changes will be reflected on the property’s history.

2) Once permission from the seller has been granted, members can log into Paragon®.

Note: Responsibility for changing a listing from “Active” to “Active Under Contract” or vice versa now rests with members. Board staff will not be making these changes.

3) Select “Listings” and under the sub-menu of “Maintain”, select “Listings”.

4) From the list of properties, choose the one you want to edit. Then, in the “Action” column on the right, click the “Select an Action” link next to the property.

5) Next, a new window will pop-up, select “Maintain Listing”.

6) Under Status, select the magnifying glass on the right, and a window will appear with available statuses. Select “Active Under Contract”.

Other statuses such as collapsed or sold cannot be saved by members.

7) When you select “Save Listing”, if any information is missing from the listing, the “Maintain input” screen will open, displaying Error/Warning messages at the bottom. For “Warning” messages, review and correct the information in the field as necessary. If no correction is needed, check the” Accept” box and then click “Save Listing”.

8) After you have made your changes, it is imperative that you review the listing to ensure all your changes are correct.

To secure Agent Modify members need to contact the Board Office to take the Agent Modify Course. Agent Modify will also allow members to modify remarks and other non-contractual data.

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